• When

    25 - 27
    October 2016

  • Venue

    Resort & Spa

  • Where

    Aghios Nikolaos,
    Crete, Greece

Welcome to ISNA-MSE'S XIII International Congress

Discovering Human Core through the Senses

Denmark April 2016

Dear members of ISNA-mse, dear all, working with Snoezelen!

We are very happy to announce the 13th International Congress of the International Snoezelen Association (ISNA-mse). I am happy to write to you on behalf of the Board of ISNA-mse, the Center of Social Welfare of Crete and Rehabcare, as co organizers.

ISNA-mse is a non-profit organization in around 50 countries, engaged in the support of the Snoezelen, for individual scientists, universities, parents/relatives and all the different educated experts. We also cooperate with suppliers worldwide. Our primarily goal is to guide, develop and share new practice, and make Snoezelen known worldwide. For these purposes, an International Conference is organized in a different country every year. This conference is also non-profit and self-financed, meaning that the participants by paying a fee for this event share the costs of organizing and the final expenses statement is balanced.

The idea about organizing in Greece this year is something we were looking forward to for a number of years and it has been discussed thoroughly with our Greek associates, both the Center of Welfare in Crete and the co-organizing company, Rehabcare, who just was part in making a beautiful Snoezelen environment in the Center in Agios Nikolaus.

Despite the economic difficulties Greece is dealing with the last few years, we believe that constant improvement on the field of rehabilitation and welfare services is essential for a country. A conference here is therefore also a tiny tribute to the local economy.

The conference will be held in Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece and you can find all the details on this site.

If you are interested in doing a workshop or keynote, you will find a link to the ISNA-mse site, where you can fill out a form. The ISNA-mse scientific committee will see all the proposals and finally approve the chosen workshop holders. We will of course appreciate requests from scientists, caregivers, teachers, parents and therapists, working with Snoezelen.

Finally, I would like to thank you once again and express confidence that this cooperation between ISNA, the Center of Welfare in Crete and REHABCARE will give you new inspiration for you daily work.

See you in October!


Maurits Eijgendaal

President, ISNA-mse.org

Dear friends,

I hereby welcome you to the 13th International Snoezelen Conference webpage which this year is being organized by the International Snoezelen Association in cooperation with the Center of Social Welfare of Crete and which wouldn't of course be possible without the support of our great sponsor, Rehabcare.

It is a great honor for us to host the International Snoezelen Community, internationally renowned speakers, and a unique opportunity for information, exchange of knowledge and experience on the multi-sensory environment approach, which has been used in our country the last years, but has not been supported in the extend that would make it beneficial to its full range.

We undertook this important organization during very difficult times due to the economic crisis in our Country, with the belief and in the hope that there will be a response from all the professionals involved in rehabilitation, people who are dedicated professionally to the care of People with Disabilities as well as the parents and friends of this very sensitive social group. We hope that we will be able to light the way to a new mindset that wants the users of our services to be safe and to participate in our society, with dignity and hope for the future.

We truly thank our supporters in this effort, the Ministry of Social Security and Welfare, the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos, and all of you who will assist this effort with your participation, encouraging us in our difficult task during these critical times, through which we must continue to support the people we opted to serve.

Looking forward to meeting you all in October!

Kind Regards

Kanavakis Stavros
President of the Board
Center of Social Welfare of Crete

Congress Countdown!


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